• Broadcasters Are Paid Directly From RapLyricists inc.

    via paypal

  • Contracts and pay rates are private:
  • telling other broadcasters your pay rate may result in termination 

 Must Stream At least 20 days out of the month and 50 hours total

Beans Acquisition

210 Beans = $1 cashed out on BIGO LIVE APPPK MATCH with Popular Hosts to boost your following.


(USD 3,300 daily)

Daily Earnings
700K Beans = 700K/210 = USD 3,300

Hourly Earnings
137K Beans = 137K/210 = USD 652


Daily Active Users on BIGO LIVE
There’s bound to be someone looking for your type of content

Preparing You As A Broadcaster




Live Streaming Fundamentals

Overall presentation is key!
Put on makeup and dress up nicely.
Treat this like any other job that would require you to leave the house.

Find a stable way to hold your phone!
We all know how much of a headache it is to watch a shaky video. Turn it into a smooth and pleasant experience!

Set up the mood!
Put on background music to set up a comfortable environment, and to fill up awkward silences. Light up the room appropriately, so people can see you

Stay interactive!
Sing a song, do a dance, give a monologue. Do something. Don’t just sit there and do nothing! Keep it interactive by taking song requests from those who send gifts.

Keep it fun even when you are absent!

Sometimes we may need to walk away for a few seconds. Have your viewers comment something along the lines of “he/she’ll be back!” so your livestream doesn’t get banned for absence of a broadcaster!

ALWAYS interact with the viewers
“Keep tapping the screen to send free hearts!”
“Share this live with your friends on BIGO or on other social media!” “Help me reach the next star by sending xxx gifts!”
“To those who send me xxx gifts, I will follow back on BIGO.”

What to do when you need a bathroom break during a stream?
Tell your viewers to repeatedly comment “he/she’ll be back in a bit!”

What to do if you need someone to monitor the comment section or to direct the viewers to send gifts?

Set an admin so that he/she can encourage the viewers to help the host to reach 1 star/reach the next level/ reach a certain number of beans, which also monitor the comment section, and mute/kick out anyone acting inappropriately.

What to do to grow your followers/supporters?

Go watch other people’s streams and interact with their gifters. Acknowledge them by mentioning them on flying bullet comments. Add them, so they add you back, and come on to see you when you stream. Top gifters are usually happy to receive 3-4 roses (gifts) because it makes them feel noticed. They would come back and return gifts.

Profile Picture & Profile Name

Find your best shot!

Upload a photo where you can see your face.

Print out important dates on your photo

Announce any upcoming PK or livehouse event as part of your photo so people click into your livestream to support you.

Profile Name

Agencies should come up with a common theme for their Hosts names, either a common emoji, or a common word so people can recognize your family (ours is ™)

Beans Acquisition

210 Beans = $1 cashed out on BIGO LIVE APPPK MATCH with Popular Hosts to boost your following.

Ask for the viewers’ help to get to 5 Stars. Show your appreciation to help you get into the hourly ranking in the Top 3 list (Extra bean rewards to the broadcaster)

Show appreciation to Top Gifters: call out their names, send virtual kisses; write their names on a board; sing a song; do a dance. (they just want to be acknowleged!)